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Overview of Pulse

This page contains information useful and relevant to for Intermediaries only.

Pulse Insurance specialise in Insurance for those who find getting cover difficult.

We have been doing this since 1998 and we like to think we have the know-how to help you and your client, if cover can be found.

We offer you friendly and expert professional help to find the cover you want.

You can complete an enquiry online or if you prefer offline.

We can usually give and indication of cover availability and the cost for most complex and difficult cases within 5 days.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us so we can get to know each other.

You can download our current Terms of Business for review and print them for your signature and to submit your formal application to work with us.

At Pulse we arrange unusual cover every day.

Review our TOBAs:-

- United Kingdom TOBA

- Republic of Ireland TOBA

Who is Pulse?

Pulse Insurance specialise in Insurance for those who find getting the right cover difficult.

We have been doing this since 1998 and we like to think we have the know how to help you and your client if cover can be found

We offer you friendly and expert professional help to find the cover that is desired.


Declined for Cover

Many insurers may decline to quote for Life Insurance where a person has serious health issues which may affect their lifespan. Or they may even try to exclude cover for these conditions!

This can make it difficult, for the very people who fear they may not live as long, to provide the kind of peace of mind and financial safety net they want and their loved one’s need ( if they are not there to provide for them).


Causes of Declinature

Declines may also happen because of increased risk such a person’s occupation, where they live or work or a combination of both, a high sum insured or even that the cover duration is too short.


More than Life Insurance

Pulse can provide life insurance, income protection and more. Not all insurers are able to do the necessary to cover specific risks like Inheritance Tax solutions / gift inter-vivo, relevant life, cover for one day or an event or specific trip or group.


Our Underwriters

Pulse work closely with specialist life Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and other non-Lloyd’s insurers to arrange cover.


Higher Premiums

The policy premium required may be higher, sometimes significantly higher for those with the most serious conditions or unusual hazards, but fairly reflecting the increased risk.


How we operate

We know that getting an early idea if you can be covered and what kind of premium costs are likely to be involved is important. If you would like to discuss what cover may be available please do not hesitate to call us, otherwise you will find information about a number of condition(s) on our website.

You can complete an enquiry online including details of medical conditions and any hazardous occupation or pursuits OR f you prefer or need to complete all the details offline, perhaps while you are with your client, you may select and download the "old-style" form(s) below to complete manually.”

We can usually give an indication of the costs of cover within 5 days.

Our policyholders tell us its is really important to learn the availability of cover and to get an idea of price quickly.

It can be but is not always necessary for us to seek a Doctor’s report or for you to undergo medical examinations, blood tests and other tests that will confirm your health to allow our underwriters to quote a fair and accurate premium and confirm cover details. These tests are paid for by the underwriter, if your client takes out the policy.


If you would like to discuss working with us, please call us on 01280 841430

If you are ready to register, you can do so in less than a minute.

More detail on working with Pulse

Pulse for Advisors contains information for advisors only

Who contacts who?

  • Pulse and the intermediary are in correspondence with each other during the whole application stage. 
  • We will not contact your client directly during the quotation process unless requested to do so by you as their adviser.
  • We generally expect your client to send all correspondence via you as their advisor
  • You should send all correspondence to us and we will forward it onto the appropriate underwriter for assessment, as applicable.
  • Underwriters may request medical reports directly from the client’s GP (per permission in the Proposal)

Typical Process

Every case can be different, but typically…

  • You can select the cover and search to review details about cover for medical conditions, hazardous occupations or leisure pursuits before enquiring
  • When you are ready to enquire, complete your enquiry online OR as you prefer complete download the relevant Enquiry Form on this website.
  • You can advise your client as appropriate and help to make sure the enquiry is complete and your client’s details and needs are made clear.
  • We review you Enquiry and clarify any questions before submitting the request to the relevant Underwriter.
  • The Underwriter usually reverts with indicative premium and / or cover availability within 3-5 business days
  • We will contact you directly so you can inform your client of the outcome.
  • If the indication is acceptable, we guide you through the Application Process
  • On receipt of final acceptance terms from the Underwriters, we will forward these to you for onward transmission to the client. 
  • Policy Certificates will be sent to you for onward transmission to their client except where it is the policy of the insurer to send them directly to the life assured. In these cases, we will send a copy to you their advisor, as well.

Chasing Up

  • We know that cover requests have often become more urgent by the time another insurer has declined and we follow our process to make sure things happen when we expect them.
  • In the majority of cases, some form of medical information is required and where a delay is encountered in obtaining this, we ask underwriters to keep chasing the GP.
  • We may also seek the assistance of intermediaries by asking the client to contact their surgery and explain the importance of the report being completed as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please contact us appropriately per the above timelines where given.

At Pulse we arrange unusual cover every day

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