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Kidnap and Ransom

Pulse Insurance can now provide K&R cover to complement our Group Travel, Personal Accident and PA & Illness products.

With businesses operating globally, more employees than ever are travelling as a part of their occupational duties. Whether it’s attending meetings in Europe, visiting factories in the Middle East or looking for opportunities in emerging markets, this adds a new challenge for employers looking to discharge their duty of care towards employees and brokers looking to fully cover their client’s liabilities.

Purchasing Kidnap and Ransom insurance allows companies the peace of mind to know that, should the worst happen, they will have the support of our crisis management partners.  They have a track record of over 800 resolved international cases and a wealth of experience in negotiation, situation management, analytical support and crisis recovery.

We can offer up to £5million cover for Ransom, Legal Liability and additional expenses incurred by the Assured as a result of a kidnapping or threat.

For more information or to request a quote for your client please contact:

Ben Pailthorpe
Senior Underwriter

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