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Segue Voice Insurance

Why Segue?

Around one in 20 professional singers encounters a problem in any year that needs to be checked by a throat specialist.  Anyone who uses his or her voice professionally knows how worrying this is. Something that keeps you off work for just a few weeks can be catastrophic for a career. Having the money to pay for private treatment and time off can make all the difference.

This insurance is for everyone who uses their voice professionally:

•  The professional singer diagnosed with a condition that effectively means that paid singing is a thing of the past

•  The singer who loses their voice for several months due to a polyp but may be able to return to singing

•  An actor who loses their voice so can’t speak or perform

•  Any performer who is worried that their voice is not behaving normally and would like to seek the advice of an ENT surgeon for guidance on treatment/self help methods/reassurance that all is well.

How much does Segue Cost? 

The cost of the insurance is only:

  • £24.50 per month for anyone aged 18-40
  • £29.50 per month for anyone aged 41-60

How to Apply?

(1)  Download and complete the application form

(2)  Confirm that you are currently actively working as a professional voice user

(3)  Decide when you want cover to start

(4) Post your completed application to:

Pulse Insurance Limited, 6 Oxford Court, St James Road, Brackley, Northants. NN13 7XY

If you would like to ask any questions at all - please call us on 01280 841430


REBECCA LODGE  has been a professional musician for over 25 years, working as a singer, pianist, educationalist and conductor. For over ten years Rebecca was a member of the BBC Singers, the only full-time, professional chamber choir in the UK, and she performed extensively with them, broadcasting on both national radio and television. She combined this with a busy solo and freelance career. Rebecca is now a member of the Royal Opera Chorus, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. A few years ago she developed a polyp on her vocal cord that necessitated surgery and resulted in a loss of income for a period.  Rebecca was lucky enough (with the help of her employer) to receive swift, expert treatment which, after surgery, enabled her to continue her career. If she had been completely freelance, such help would have been unavailable to her, and this gave her the idea to use her experience to help others by creating this insurance cover. 

Problems can affect anyone whether they are experienced or just starting out and those faced by professional musicians, such as pop singers Sam Smith  and Adele and opera singers Rolando Villazon  and Natalie Dessay are well known. Some conditions can mean a loss of income and an inability to pay medical bills.  The fact that better treatment and diagnosis is improving outcomes is important. It is key to find out what has happened and take steps as soon as possible.

Until SEGUE was created there wasn’t an insurance product that covered this or any similar scenario. In fact, most critical illness and personal accident products specifically exclude the voice.

SEGUE is the only insurance for your voice

In the event of a claim you receive the following amount:

  • Up to £500 per year towards one or more appointments with an ENT specialist to check on any voice or throat conditions causing concern  (this is a “co-pay” arrangement and we pay 50% of the cost of the appointment);
  • Up to £10,000 for any throat or voice condition requiring more than 2 weeks off work  (we pay £250 per week to cover lost earnings for a maximum of 12 weeks once you have been off for two weeks “back to day one”, and up to £7,000 towards your medical costs whether surgery, or other treatment including intensive speech therapy sessions);
  • £50,000 for a permanent “career ending” throat or voice condition  (we pay this as a lump sum cash benefit).

Remember the ENT consultant you choose to see is up to you, we do not restrict which UK consultant or team you use.  Don’t forget that benefits are absolutely tax free  as far as income tax is concerned - so £10,000 is actually worth well over £13,000 of income for a standard-rate tax payer. 

As you would expect, we cannot cover you for conditions that you may already have or that you are worried about when you take out cover. In other words, pre-existing conditions are excluded for the first year of your cover and we do not provide any payment in respect of a consultation or diagnosis for sickness or illness in the first 30 days. Other than that, the product is really simple.


We define a pre-existing condition as “A condition for which medical advice or treatment was recommended by, or received from, a physician or other health care practitioner at any time preceding the initial inception date, or symptoms were present at any time preceding the initial inception date, which symptoms would cause a reasonably prudent person to seek advice or treatment from a physician or other health care practitioner”.


Claiming is just is as simple. Please contact us on 01280 841430 or write to Pulse Insurance Limited, 6 Oxford Court, St James Road, Brackley, Northants. NN13 7XY.

For consultations, just send us a copy of the invoice and payment receipt for the fees and we will reimburse you direct to your bank account.  For payments in respect of conditions requiring more than two weeks off work just let us know that you have been diagnosed with a condition that stops you from working and details of your consultant or the team treating you. We will transfer the cash benefits direct to your bank account monthly and pay the cost of your treatment direct to the consultant or hospital.  

If a condition is initially diagnosed as being treatable but is then found to be permanent and career ending , the amount we pay would be limited to the lump sum benefit (as you would expect there wouldn’t be two benefits paid).

Remember: there is no cover for pre-existing conditions for the first year of membership, and for the first 30 days after you sign-up we will not pay benefits or part-pay consultations except after an accident.

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