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Yvonne Marriott joins the Pulse Specialty Team

Yvonne Marriott has joined the Pulse Specialty team as a Senior Broker with effect from 1st October 2020.

Pulse can now offer a full suite of contingency products including but not limited to:

Event Cancellation, Non-Appearance, Event Protection (ticket sales), Refund Protection, Prize Indemnity, Hole in One insurance, and Weather.

We are also always happy to discuss bespoke offerings for specific risks in combination with our other offerings.

Previously Yvonne has arranged cover for:

  • A hole in one for a major sports car manufacturer
  • A hole in one for a large middle eastern bank
  • Cover for a construction company involved in a major lift in case the weather prevented them from completing the lift
  • Non-Appearance coverage for a major US star
  • Coverage for a major museum to protect their costs should their exhibit be withdrawn by the lender, also included cover for their loss of revenue should the exhibition be cancelled
  • Terrorism coverage for a major cricket board

Torquil McLusky, M.D. said “This appointment fits exactly with the Pulse plans for growth in the UK, Europe and rest of the world. Pulse has a reputation for its specialist work and Yvonne will help grow our business while at the same time fitting with our culture as a niche player. “

Joe Balsom, head of Pulse Specialty said “Yvonne has great experience in the Lloyd’s and London Market. The Pulse Specialty team is known for the Personal Accident; Travel and K & R cover it provides for both Groups and individuals. Yvonne will add to the range of our products and services, including in the areas of Fine Art, Specie and Contingency. This is an exciting development for our team and the company.”

For more information or to request a quote please contact:

07710 679633

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