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Hazardous Countries and Occupations

Death Any Cause Life Insurance - NEW Product 



Death Any Cause Life Insurance for Hazardous Countries and Occupations:

Until now, it has not been possible but wait for it …

Pulse can offer Full life insurance, death from ANY cause, in ONE policy for people travelling and working in hazardous occupations and countries!

And, what's more - this can all be provided with monthly premiums for terms of up to 10 years!

So, for all of our future clients...working in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc as Security Guards, in Close Protection, on Oil Rigs, etc we can offer this great, NEW integrated product!

This policy protects you as a "normal” life insurance policy would – in the event of your death, your sum assured is paid out to your estate / family, in one lump sum.  There are no exclusions.  Your peace of mind is safe.

Before now, we have been limited to a 10 year Natural Causes Only policy with monthly premiums combined with a separate 1 year renewable Accidental Death Insurance policy which has an annual premium, payable in full at inception.

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