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Cover for Ebola?




Our underwriters are being very cautious on guidelines as the situation is ever changing and therefore, enquiries sent to them for Life Insurance are strictly being underwritten on a case by case basis.

Ebola is a very volatile situation at the moment, so the extent and price of cover is changing on a weekly, if not daily basis.  Each case will be treated individually and underwritten specifically at the time of enquiry.

At present, our Underwriters are using the following guidelines:

Term Restrictions:
Cover for Health Care Workers, Engineers and Security Consultants will be limited to 3 months at a time

Nursing Staff Travelling to regions to treat Ebola patients:
Cover is possible, but will be loaded heavily

Security Consultants:
Cover is possible and will be loaded Please note that underwriters guidelines above, applies throughout West Africa and is not limited solely to the 4 countries identified as being most affected by the outbreak. 

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